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Quorum Software Acquires OGsys

Enhances Upstream On Demand suite with cloud-based accounting software for SMB

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Quorum Software’s Acquisition of OGsys


Quorum’s acquisition of OGsys will create an industry-first solution for small and medium-sized oil and gas companies—an integrated suite of accounting, land management, well lifecycle reporting, and production software, packaged for emerging enterprises and delivered in the cloud. It builds upon Quorum’s Upstream On Demand, an integrated solution for small business that incorporates over 20 years of upstream oil and gas experience combined with the speed and savings of the cloud.

The combination of Quorum and OGsys will give operators, interest owners, mineral companies, and private equity companies the opportunity to improve operational and back-office business processes at an affordable price, without compromising on the functionality that small businesses need to run a modern energy workplace. This will be the industry’s first cloud-based, all-in-one solution for SMB, purpose-built for upstream oil and gas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does this mean for OGsys customers?

Quorum is committed to customer success, and that includes taking care of OGsys’s loyal base of customers. The combined strengths of Quorum and OGsys will provide customers with better and new ways to manage complex business processes while increasing operational efficiency and business agility.

The acquisition offers numerous benefits to OGsys customers, including:

  • Greater choice in solutions: Quorum offers OGsys customers integrated solutions to advance their upstream operations in land management, well lifecycle reporting, and production (available in the U.S. only). OGsys customers gain access to Quorum’s suite of rapid, affordable, low-risk software available with Upstream On Demand, deployed in the cloud and packaged for small business.

  • Continued customer success: Quorum is committed to its customers and their success. OGsys customers will continue to receive exceptional service and support from OGsys’s talented team of subject matter experts.

  • Increased investment and innovation: As the leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry, Quorum provides OGsys customers increased investment and innovation in cloud-based oil and gas software, web-based user experiences designed for productivity and efficiency, and a roadmap of features and integrations that will reduce manual processes across the organization.

What does this mean for OGsys partners?

Quorum looks forward to welcoming OGsys partners to its partner program, which provides technical, financial, and operational benefits. As Quorum expands OGsys’s market presence, partners have opportunities to grow their business, given the expanded software portfolio and go-to-market scale. 

What does this mean for Quorum customers?

Quorum customers can benefit from OGsys’s oil and gas accounting software, particularly small and medium-sized upstream companies looking for a single provider to support accounting, land management, drilling and completion, and production. Moving forward, as the companies integrate their applications, OGsys accounting software will be fully integrated into Quorum’s cloud-based solution for SMB, Upstream On Demand.

Will there be any changes to the current service level or existing customer contacts?

No. All existing support and service arrangements will continue without interruption, and OGsys customers will work with their existing Support and Services contacts.

How will this affect the OGsys employees and leadership team?

Quorum values the OGsys team and sees them as a tremendous asset in moving the companies forward together. Employees, customers, and partners can expect “business as usual” with exciting new opportunities available for everyone.

OGsys co-founders Chuck Blanton and Jody Vasquez are committed to supporting a smooth transition of the company. They will stay on in an advisory capacity before retiring after 37 years with OGsys. Barbara Schweitzer will continue her role as the executive in charge of operations for OGsys.

Who should I contact if I have further questions on the acquisition?

OGsys Customers

Quorum Customers
US: 713-430-8600
CAN: 403-205-5000 

For additional information regarding the acquisition, please refer to our press release.