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Quorum Software Acquires Landdox

Industry DNA and leading-edge architecture combine to reimagine land management

Press Release About Landdox

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Quorum’s acquisition of Landdox brings together deep industry DNA and leading-edge architecture to empower energy companies to reimagine land management for the future. Landdox enhances Quorum’s capabilities through speed of innovation, adaptable business processes, and open software integration. Learn more about the acquisition by viewing our frequently asked questions.

Who is Landdox?

Landdox is a growth-stage SaaS company that reimagines the way energy and infrastructure companies manage their core assets. The company’s flagship product is a cloud-based application that is easily customizable, intuitively designed, and delights customers as much as it expands their operational range. Learn more at  

What does this mean for Quorum customers?

This acquisition is about growth and innovation. Landdox is a leading innovator in cloud-first land technology with a roadmap that aligns with Quorum’s digital transformation initiative for the oil and gas industry. We will remain a leading innovator in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry. We will continue to deliver purpose-built software that addresses our customers’ needs, providing greater opportunities for our employees, partners, and more.

Cloud-first technology empowers oil and gas companies to modernize business processes and improve outcomes. Quorum Upstream On Demand delivers on cloud technology’s promise with a suite of scalable and smoothly integrated applications. As the leading innovator in cloud-first land technology, Landdox will become the foundation for the next phase of Land On Demand, the cornerstone application for Quorum’s Upstream On Demand.  

What does this mean for Landdox customers?

The combined strengths of Quorum and Landdox will expand customers’ operating range even more fully and at a faster pace. The acquisition offers numerous benefits to Landdox customers, including:

  • Increased investment and innovation: Landdox’s customers often express as much enthusiasm about the Landdox product roadmap as the immediate impact Landdox has on their operations. Quorum will pull the future forward for Landdox’s customers with an immediate and significant expansion of the Landdox product development team.

  • Deeper commitment to customer success: Landdox customers are accustomed to highly responsive, personalized service and support. The combination with Quorum ensures they’ll receive that and so much more even as Landdox’s customer base grows. Upstream On Demand customers give Quorum industry-leading grades (92% CSAT score) for responsiveness and service.

  • Greater choice in solutions: Landdox’s growing customer base will enjoy the most seamless integrations with Upstream On Demand, Quorum’s integrated SaaS suite spanning accounting, land management, well lifecycle reporting, production operations, SCADA, and document management.

What does this mean for Landdox partners?

Quorum looks forward to welcoming Landdox partners to its partner program, which provides technical, financial, and operational benefits. The combination of Landdox and Quorum means that there are even more opportunities to partner. Together, we offer a full, integrated suite of cloud-based software, which broadens our partnership potential. 

Will there be any changes to the current service level or existing customer contacts?

All customer agreements will be fully honored, and there are no changes to customer support contacts.

How will this affect the Landdox employees and leadership team?

Quorum values the Landdox team and sees them as a tremendous asset in moving the companies forward together. Employees, customers, and partners can expect “business as usual” with exciting new opportunities available for everyone.

Co-founders Bob Gates and James Yockey will continue at Quorum as the executives in charge of Landdox product innovation and business development.

Who should I contact if I have further questions on the acquisition?

Landdox Customers

Quorum Customers

For additional information regarding the acquisition, please refer to our press release.