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Reserves & Economics

Get insight with MOSAIC all-in-one reserves management software, economics, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis.

Upstream Energy Runs on Quorum MOSAIC

Trust two decades of proven experience helping upstream oil and gas companies maximize cash flow and create greater value, while increasing efficiency for engineers, technicians, and managers.

60 % Top 20 Canadian producers use Quorum for Reserves & Economics
$2.5M + BOE/D of production is managed with Quorum MOSAIC
700 % Improvement in reserves process time (5 weeks to 5 days)



Standardize key corporate processes across different functional teams to gain clearer insight and better decisions through shared information. 

Reserves Management

Deliver immediate economic results to stakeholders with reserves management software that is accurate, secure, and auditable.

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Petroleum Economics

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Rely on the fastest, most complete economic engine for the best decisions, at the right time, with the most accurate data.

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Budget and Planning

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Create confidence in budget, planning, and forecasting across teams to drive greater insight throughout your business.

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Capital Management

Focus on critical decisions that support your business strategy through efficient reserves tracking and reporting, review, and reforecasting of capital.

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From startups to the largest E&P leaders, 100+ companies of all sizes rely on our integrated solution for reserves management software, petroleum economics software, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis. Here's why.

Our engineers only spend 30% of their time on data entry and manipulation, while the other 70% is dedicated to analyzing the data and finding ways to add value.

Dave Mombourquette, VP Business Development, Whitecap Resources, Inc.

Learn how Whitecap Resources increased efficiency and improved data accuracy with unified reserves and economics management software from Quorum.

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We power it all with a purpose-built platform.

myQuorum is the industry-leading, cloud-based, oil and gas software platform empowering companies to meet their long-term goals. It uses familiar Microsoft technologies; enables enterprise integration; drives faster deployment; and gives you access to clean, consistent, and consumable data; so you can:

Make decisions faster and confidently.

Collaborate more effectively.

Empower your users.

Lower your IT overhead.

Reduce workforce transition costs.

Enhance efficiency. Mitigate risk. Improve your bottom line.

From exploration to distribution, Quorum transforms every step of the energy value chain.

Start your company’s next evolution.

Talk to our sales team to explore why Quorum is right for your energy business.

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