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Usher in a New Era of AI for Oil and Gas

myQuorum Augmented Intelligence (AI) delivers smarter insights, reimagining oil and gas processes by exploiting the deep industry experience embedded in Quorum software with cutting-edge cognitive technologies.

Overcome the Challenges of Cognitive Technologies

Because cognitive technologies can be difficult for people to understand, Quorum takes a different approach that simplifies AI for business and IT alike. myQuorum AI adds a cognitive layer to myQuorum business applications, which allows for faster adoption by business users as well as data scientists.

Puzzle Pieces

Integrate AI with ease.

Because myQuorum AI is part of the platform that powers myQuorum business applications, integrating AI into existing systems and processes is simple. 

Why Quorum

Gain industry and AI expertise in one.

By exploiting the deep industry DNA embedded in Quorum software and augmenting it with cutting-edge cognitive technologies, myQuorum AI delivers smarter insights.

Deploy with Confidence

Enable cognitive technologies quickly.

myQuorum AI augments software applications and how people use them, quickly enabling cognitive technologies such as machine learning, robotic process automation, computer vision, and natural language processing.


myQuorum AI adds a cognitive layer directly from the platform to make intelligent workflows and automation possible across all myQuorum applications. The result is dynamic intelligence, powered by the combination of AI and domain expertise.

Intelligent Ingest

Reduces manual data entry and improves data quality with cognitive capabilities that interpret, understand, and operationalize data.

Cognitive Compliance

Improves operational and financial compliance with AI that ensures data is clean, complete, and up to date.

Adaptive Learning

Dynamically trains software applications and users through learned responses to contextually relevant prompts and guides. 

Operational Insights

Increases confidence in decision making through AI-generated KPIs, feedback, and anomaly detection. 

AI Built for the Energy Industry

Cognitive expertise is hard to find, and matching it with oil and gas expertise is even harder. Let Quorum help you take advantage of AI. We bridge the gap between expertise and technology, bringing them together in one simple solution, purpose-built for the energy industry.

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